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Quality Payments Program

As part of one the largest health care reforms in U.S. history to promote value-based care, we are building an automated pipeline that processes claims data and calculates quality of care scores for Medicare provider reimbursement.

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Network Adequacy

We built a high-resolution population model to help the DMHC ensure that health plan networks across the state meet geographic accessibility standards and provide reasonable access to care.

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Encompass is an analytics and mapping tool that enables policymakers, researchers, and consumer advocates to analyze how the accessibility of social services varies across demographic groups.

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Sutter Health

We created a predictive model using an artificial neural network trained on millions of patient records to identify patients at high risk of hospital readmission and to design better personalized interventions.

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Data can play a significant role in bringing transparency and accountability to the criminal justice system and in bridging the gap between police departments and communities.


URSUS is a first-of-its-kind data standard and collection portal that helps California police departments report, track, and analyze incidents involving use of force.

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